1. What are the key features of Dedicated Team Engagement Model ?

  • Setup your own team as per your requirement
  • Partial Resourcing possible
  • Scale Up – Scale Down as per your convenience
  • Skill and Experience based resource shuffling
  • Direct access to the team
  • Avail 2-8 hours of Time Zone overlapping
  • Get Daily Reporting
  • Fixed Monthly Billing
  • Enhanced Savings
  • Knowledge Preservation
  • Avail Shadow Resource
  • Inflation proof Pricing

2. What are the key advantages of having an offshore Dedicated Team ?

You can save on:
  • Hiring Cost
  • Retention Cost
  • Operational Cost
  • Software License Cost
  • Infrastructure Cost
  • Management Cost

3. Which all Technologies you provide resources on ?

Mobile App Technologies
Platforms SupportedApple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
Native App DevelopmentJava (Android), Objective-C (Apple iOS)
Cross Platform DevelopmentXamarin, PhoneGap
Mobile Web AppsHTML5, CSS3, JS
Open Source Technologies
Programming LanguagePHP
CMS FrameworkWordPress, Joomla, Drupal
eCommerce FrameworkMagento, VirtueMart, WooCommerce, osCommerce
Development FrameworkZend, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP
Responsive DesignBootstrap
Microsoft Technologies
Programming LanguageC#.Net, ASP.Net, VB.Net
CMS FrameworkDNN (Dot Net Nuke), SharePoint
Development FrameworkMVC 4.0
DatabaseMSSQL Sever, Oracle
Other Technologies
Other TechnologiesNode.JS, Mongo DB, Angular JS, Moodle

4. What type of resources do you provide ?

Resource TypeAllowed Allocation (Partial/Full)
Programmers (.Net/Open Source)Full Allocation
Mobile App DevelopersFull Allocation
Web DesignersPartial Allocation
Quality AnalystsPartial Allocation
UI/UX AnalystsPartial Allocation
Business AnalystsPartial Allocation
Team LeadersPartial Allocation
Technical ArchitectsPartial Allocation
Project ManagersPartial Allocation

5. What are your rates and discounts ?

Our rates are based on Technologies, Resource Type and Experience Level. The discounts are based on minimum contract term and team size.

Please CLICK HERE to view our Monthly Rate Card and Discount Structure.

6. How much time do you need to setup a new team ?

We have a large talent pool of dedicated full time employees across multiple technologies. For all our core technology offerings, we can setup a team within 2 weeks.

Further, for all our core technology offerings, we can scale up the team size within 2 weeks.

7. What is your resource replacement policy ?

If you wish to replace a resource due to non performance or disciplinary issues, you just need to give us a 15 day of notice and we would find a better suited replacement.

8. What’s your billing cycle ?

We follow a monthly billing cycle and raise an invoice on the last working day of each month which needs to be paid before 7th of the following month.

9. What are your working hours ?

Our standard working hours are between 9:30 am – 6:30 pm India Time (i.e. 11 pm EST – 8 am EST). However you can always opt for time zone overlapping (Partial/Full).

Further, each Full Time resource would work for up to 160 man hours each month i.e. up to 40 man hours per week.

10. Can I also have partially allocated team members ?

Yes, you can. You can have 50% partial allocation for all shared resources like Designers, Quality Analysts, UI/UX Analysts, Team Leader, Business Analysts, Technical Architects and Project Managers. There is a 15% overhead over the standard monthly rate in case of 50% partial allocation.

11. Do you provide time zone overlapping ?

Yes, we do provide this facility and you can opt between 2-6 hours of time zone overlapping. There is an overhead cost as given below for the same which varies as per the number of hours of overlapping. The overlapping charges are levied in order to cover our extra expenses on the resource in form of Meal Allowances, Travel Allowances, Night Allowances and other Administrative and Statutory expenses. These allowances are mandatory for off working hours for Indian employees as per the HR regulations of the country.

Overlap DurationOverhead (%)Overlapping Hours
Up to 2 hours10 % on the standard monthly rate8 am – 10 am EST
Up to 4 hours25 % on the standard monthly rate8 am – 12 pm EST
Up to 6 hours50 % on the standard monthly rate8 am – 2 pm EST

12. What if an allocated resource goes on leave ?

We have a detailed leave policy under which we share our holiday calendar in advance with our clients. Further, we have mandated each employee to provide sufficient advance notice in case they are planning to take a leave so that we can make necessary arrangements. If the number of days of leave is less and if there are no high priority tasks lined up, we recommend you to continue without that team member for the duration of his leave. We will not bill you for that resource for that specific period of absence. However, if the leave duration is long or if few high priority tasks are aligned, we would either ask the resource to reschedule his leaves or allocate a shadow/alternate resource to take care of the tasks in the absence of the primary resource.

13. Is there a minimum contract period ?

Yes, there is a 3 months minimum contract period.

14. Can I scale down the team size if needed ?

Yes, once the minimum contract period is over you can scale down the team size depending on your business need. You need to just give us a 30 days of notice for the this. This will give us sufficient time to allocate that resource to some other project.

15. Can I end the contract in between the term ?

Yes, you can. You need to just give us 30 days of advance notice or payment in lieu of. If you wish to end the contract before the end of the minimum contract term, you can do so by paying the payment for the balance period of the minimum contract term.

16. How do I communicate with my team ?

You can communicate through multiple mediums:

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Telephonic/Skype Call
  • Video Conferencing
  • Online Collaboration Tools (Trello, Jira, BaseCamp)
  • Defect Management System (Mantis).

17. How do I escalate my concerns ?

For all Technical issues, you can escalate it to the Technical Point of Contact who is mostly a Senior Project Manager. If he is not able to resolve the issue, he would facilitate you in escalating the same to higher ups in the technical team. For Non-Technical issue, you can escalate it to your dedicated Account Manager. He would coordinate with other team members to resolve the issue, and if not resolved, will assist you in escalating the concern to higher ups in management.

18. What if my allocated resource resigns from your company ?

This is absolutely not a problem as this risk is covered in our Business Continuity Policy. Each resource who resigns needs to compulsorily provide 3 months of advance notice which is good enough period for us to shortlist another suitable resource, complete the knowledge transition and ensure a smooth responsibility transfer. The Shadow resource service if availed can also be used in these circumstances. Apart from this we make sure our employees remain motivated and have laid down different employee friendly policies.

19. When do you allocate a Shadow Resource ?

For each team of 4 similar technology resources, we allocate 1 shadow resource that comes handy when the primary/any other resource either leaves the company or goes on long leave. This shadow resource will not work on the project unless required but will have the complete business knowledge of the project.

20. Do I need a Project Manager ?

If you are technically competent and your time permits, you can on your own perform the Project management work or else we recommend at least a partial (50%) Project Management allocation to start with. This Project Manager can also act as your primary technical point of contact and can actually save a lot of your time.

21. How do we measure productivity of the resource ?

We follow many different practices to measure and control productivity. Few of them are:

  • Stringent review process
  • Agreed upon performance metrics
    • Story Point
    • Person Hour
  • Data Collection and reporting mechanism on regular basis
  • Screen Sharing and Time Tracking

22. What is the minimum team size I can start with ?

You can start with as low as 1 member team. However, we would recommend you to at least start with 2 resources to avail the benefits of team size based discount.

23. How do I get started ?

Our Business Management team representative will interact with you to understand the kind of team structure you need. On the basis of the same, he would prepare a Master Service Agreement (MSA) containing the general guidelines of engagement along with the team costing. Once this agreement is signed by you and returned to us, we would bring in our resourcing managers who would pull out suitable resumes for further screening process. Once the team has been formed, a kickoff call is initiated where we lay down the primary guidelines of the work, reporting plan, project management model, etc.

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