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Why You Need To Hire Web App Development Services

Regardless of whether your applications are intended for mobile or web, it’s the quality of design which determines how popular it’s going to be. Once that is out of the way then comes the implementation behind the scene, the scalability of the application and other features like security, performance etc . To achieve the above two things either you need to be a designer and developer yourself or you need to use a Mobile/Web App Development Services provider like Sapple System. But how do you decide the provider that you selected will follow the best-known practices while creating your application?

What qualities to look for

There are quite a few things that you need to verify step by step.

  • Check their portfolio as past work of a provider speaks for itself. You can even request for any kind of recommendation letters they can provide. Ask for one from a client who works same time zone as yours. If you are going offshore the work hours of your provider will have quite a bearing on how easy it’s going to be for you to get what you want.
  • The biggest issue that you will face while getting your work done from a provider is quality of communication. It’s better to pay slightly higher cost if you are able to work with people who understand you. Low cost looks lucrative but if you end up creating what your provider inferred rather than what you intended all those $ are wasted.
  • Do they have a dedicated testing team? Request them for test use cases they have created on their previous projects. Developers are good at developing things but not good at breaking their own implementation. Even if you intend to do a lot of testing yourself still having the first pass taken by a testing team dedicated specifically for it is more help than people think.
  • Discuss with them what tools they use to track progress of their team, how do they track milestones are being met or not. It doesn’t matter whether the methodology used is agile or waterfall or a mix and match of a lot of styles. What matters is whether your provider’s team is clear on how they are going to approach and how they will ensure they are on track. The tools don’t matter as there are hundreds out there it’s the understanding of your team and their capability with the tools that they are familiar with.
  • Finally what kind of support they provide after the delivery is done. If they provide free support, it’s for how long. What will be the costs after that? Depending on how important it is for your application to stay accessible you need to work with them regarding the turnaround time that they can provide you on working days and on weekends.

Each of the points above can be detailed and there are quite a few more that can be added to the list. The idea of this post is not to provide the exhaustive list but is to create a minimal set of points that can give you some peace of mind when you dive deep into the world of service providers and try to finalize one for yourself.