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How to Choose a Technology Vendor/Provider For Your Website Or Mobile App Maintenance ?

5 important points to consider for your website or mobile app maintenance

Maintaining and improving an application after development is one of the most important aspects if you want to have good ROI (Return on investment) on your project. In this small article we will go through few important points to consider while looking for a technology provider for maintaining your application. 

1) One of the most important things to consider is how long the provider has been in business. If you spend time to explain the features to someone and they get to a point where they understand your application it is best for both the parties to continue for a long time. So you need someone with good possibility to continue working in future which they should be able to do if they have been able to do so for a long time in past. Of course, it is not possible to predict the future, but it is prudent to work with a provider who has been in the business for atleast a decade.

2) Next most important thing to consider is what value addition can the provider bring in to the table. The ability of the provider to understand requirements and give suggestions to improve is a very important qualification after ensuring that the provider has been a stable organization in the past. The best way to judge this is to talk to a couple of their previous clients. Don’t talk to the ones they recently started working with. Ask for details from clients with whom they have been working for 3+ years at a minimum. If a provider has been able to maintain good relationships with a few clients like that, they are most probably doing things the right way. 

3) A lot of times cheaper alternatives are available in timezone that is different from yours. One important thing to consider when choosing a provider is that, will they be able to provide support in your timezone, if needed. In case of urgency how long will they take before they can assemble a team to take care of the emergent situation. Will they be available over the weekend to fix a problem, in case its important for you. These are simple points but they will give you peace of mind, as you work with them over a longer period of time.

4) There are a few technical points as well that need to be considered. When it comes to maintenance … there are a lot of tools related to code versioning, bug tracking, test use cases which become important. Do ask the provider to let you know what tools they use. Ask them to give you a demo of the same for a couple of their other projects. Remember the more you find out at the start the easier your life will be once you commit.

5) Finally comes the communication compatibility. Always make sure that your provider can communicate with good proficiency in the language of your preference. We have seen scenarios where it becomes a problem for both the provider and the project owner because the expectations were not understood as is. So make sure you close who is the person with whom you will be communicating and talk to them over a couple of calls to find out if they are good enough to understand and explain.

A list like this never ends and everyone has faced their share of pain points to keep adding but we believe this is a good list to start.

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What is Website Maintenance ? Food for thought …

So what exactly is website maintenance ?

In much of the last decade I have seen people maintaining websites and Clients expectations out of it – it eventually boils down to this –

Working on all the aspects of a website to ensure that it shows up correctly when someone comes looking for it and does what is expected out of it.

But it is not as simple as it seems. So let’s break it down a bit.

“Ensure that it shows up correctly when someone comes looking for it”

Now who is this someone? Can this be anyone….? NO … it’s basically the people that the website is trying to target. In today’s world , technology is ever shifting. We moved from Laptop/Desktops to Tablets and then to mobiles within a few years and hence to ensure you are targeting the correct someone, the first need is to understand who will come looking, what age group, gender and all the other demo-graphical parameters you can think of and what kind of designs/fonts/images they are comfortable with, what kind of devices they are more frequently using etc.

Next part of the solution is to ensure whether the team which is

“ensuring website correctly showing up”

is asking these questions or not and are they equipped to handle the answers.

Then comes the issue of

“what is expected out of the website”

The moment i ask these questions to the clients or the people who are defining the website they start explaining the functionality. The problem is that expectations are much more than functionality. Expectations are business goals. Success and Failures of a website are not determined by whether the payment gateway integration is working properly it is determined by how many people are making payments using the gateway.

During development you can explain “what is expected” by explaining functionality because answers to whether it will fulfill expectations are known only after you start running the live site and looking at the results. But when you get into maintenance you need to have comparably more defined goals, better data analytics and a long term plan to sustain and improve. That is where you need your provider to be aware of the problems that come, ability to plan in advance and the capability to provide you a solution suited based on your budget.